“…come and walk with us!”
The Walrus did beseech.
“A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk,
Along the briny beach:
We cannot do with more than four,
To give a hand to each.”Lewis Carroll
(from Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, 1872)

About the Lab

Our lab, which was established on March 1st 2012, is located in the Faculty of Medicine of the Technion, in Haifa, Israel

The broad area of research in the lab is evolutionary genomics. We focus on understanding how the two most fundamental evolutionary forces: mutation and natural selection, individually and together, shape patterns of genomic variation. We study mostly microbial systems, but given that some questions are better addressed by use of a non-microbial model, do not limit ourselves to microbes. Our research is multi-disciplinary, combining evolutionary theory, microbiology, computational biology and genomics.

Please navigate this website to find details about research directions and projects I intend to pursue, and about what I have been doing in my research so far.

This website also contains information about the Technion, its Faculty of Medicine, and the city of Haifa.